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Tex Mex Curios Inc. Store History

For more than 65 years, Tex-Mex Curios has operated a family owned business located in Corpus Christi Texas.  Now celebrating over 3 generations of heritage, the Tex-Mex Curios team continues to honor traditions which were envisioned by its' founders.  In 1944, Angelita and Alfonso Orea purchased Tex-Mex News Stand, founded in 1901, from a local merchant.

After the acquisition Mr. and Mrs. Orea expanded their business from a news stand and general store to include homeopathic products that would encompass a holistic approach for improving the mind, body and spirit.  The business continued to grow as a Historical Landmark in the Corpus community.  The Orea's vision was to offer natural products and services to their community that aid in healing the mind, body and spirit.  This vision continues to be the staple voice of the Tex-Mex Curios family today.

Tex-Mex Curios interior

In 1976, Angelita Orea passed the business down her daughter, Lucia.  Lucia took the gifts inherited from her parents and became an expert in the uses of hundreds of herbs, herbal blends and spiritual oils that promote natural healing.  Operating her business as a sole proprietor Lucia continued to serve the Corpus Community and brand the Tex Mex Curios name.  As a single parent, Lucia raised six children using the family business to teach her children the discipline of hard work, the importance of customer care and the value of promoting a homeopathic life style.

Tex-Mex Curios interior

In 1991, Lucia Orea Chapa once again passed the business operation down to four of her children.  A forth sibling, "Little Lucy" a well known local psychic and spiritual advisor also joined forces and rapidly became an vital part of select business operations.  Together, the four siblings bring to the Corpus Community the third generation of a business philosophy.  The Tex-Mex Curios team is committed to carrying on the secrets and traditions established by the founders and will continue to offer its' customers with goods and services that promote positive healing.

In addition to its customary products and services, Tex-Mex Curios now offers natural remedies on its private label known as the TMC brand.  The brand also features many of Lucia's personal herbal blends.  The new generation of Tex-Mex management is currently expanding its retail operation by offering Business Opportunities through wholesale distribution channels and an independent sales representative (ISR) program.  Management is also launching "online" sales operations and has plans to expand distribution channels through a new wholesale distribution.  If that is not enough, "Little Lucy" can now be reached for spiritual counseling "Online" or via a toll free number.